Studio by Grixoa

Cincha Bench


Inspired by the fashion world applying straps and belts to accentuate and define forms. Our Made to Order Cincha Bench is distinguished by its full-bodied blocks that are held together by an upholstered bar that unifies the entire piece and blends around it. The interaction between contrasts is sought, achieving a piece of furniture pleasing to the eye and inviting the viewer to rest and enjoy its soft body. 

- Wood frame, hand bent stainless steel
- Tight seat, simple stiches
- Customized length and fabric
- Design by Corina Durrego Rodríguez x Studio by Grixoa 

- Hand Made in Venezuela


The Cincha Bench complements any interior space and offers an emotionally resonant expression of clean design.


For custom length please e-mail us at

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